WELDON HF is a company of focussed engineers specializing in various techniques of welding and sealing of plastics. The engineers with post-graduate education from world renowned institutions from USA, Germany & India are committed to innovation and research in plastic welding over three decades.

Over decades, WELDON HF has been providing solutions to building automated custom-built machines for a range of applications in plastic welding for a range of industries in areas that include packaging, medical, automobile, upholstery, outdoor-advertising (billboards, building wraps), tents, tensile roofs, structures, containment, awning & canopies, bio-gas plants, flexible intermediate bulk containers, aircraft & satellite batteries, isotope packaging, clean rooms and numerous applications that get evolved from time to time in various industries.

The latest technology innovation provided in all machines manufactured by WELDON HF is the internet connectivity through Wi-Fi for online monitoring and trouble-shooting. Also included is an advanced data analysis software that analyses the recorded weld data to provide charts and tables for user evaluation to upgrade their business potential.


Over the decades of experience in industry, we tread on our future path with principles. Here we proudly sumrise them.