WELDON HF now offers cutting systems that are customized to get the right cutting technology to the customer.

The cutting system now also manages and stores the inventory information and is expandable through WI-FI to include inventory information on multiple cutters.

Our technical expertise has been time tested over three decades and experience focused to meet the challenges over a wide spectrum of industries.

Technical Features:

  • Roll to sheet simplified
  • All data on HMI
  • Advanced Circuitry
  • Advanced Software
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Optional Inkjet Printer
  • Roll manager also available where multiple rolls have to be loaded for cutting.

Range of blades as per applications

  • Segmented rotating blade
  • Continuous rim rotating blade
  • Impulse cutter
  • Wire cutter
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Abrasive blades
  • Oblong blades


Rolls to precise metered sheets

Paper/Corrugated paper, etc.

PVC/PVC coated fabric/Nylon ,etc.

Woven HDPE sheets,etc.

Rigid sheets to precise metered cuts

PP/Polyethylene/HM/HD sheets,etc

Polyurethane Foams/ Foams ,etc.

Rigid plastic/Polycarbonate,etc.