WELDON HF a company committed to innovation is now offering range of Gantry Welders in categories :

  • Rotary Motion
  • Linear Motion

Both Options Offer Precise control of location of welding, programmable with advanced software. The entire range of welders are designed by engineers trained in Germany, USA & India

The Sturdy Design accompanied by advanced electronic circuitry, advanced software, an advanced patentes high-Q stabilized oscillator, WIFI connectivaty and a unique self aligning laser system with never seen in industry features makes this range of gantry welders highly productive in the last growing technical textile industry with innumerous applications.

Weldon HF engineers are committed to efficiency in HF welding have introduced state of the art tooling of Flexi-dies, and using the special calculator, users can efficiently perform the manner they weld their fabrics in their projects.

The range of Gantry Welders is accompanied by a software package "DATAWELD" to help you manage your welder efficiently by helping the user to monitor & record entire operation with an analysis platform that is unique in the HF Welding industry.