HF WELDERS MOVABLE ON TRACK consist of a fixed table on which the welding head moves on a pair of rails. The fabric can be placed after alignment with the help of a LASER alignment device. The table is completely modular and can be provided in lengths in multiples of 2 m.

Salient Features

  • PROGRAMMABLE OPERATION : With the possibility of making upto 800 programs, the entire production activity of welding using various dies, materials can be pre-programmed. With this feature all parameters of welding are automatically taken care by the machine controller from the first to the last weld.
  • POWER OUTPUT VARIATION & CONTROL : Output power can be controlled from 0.01% to full power by setting a program parameter… a feature that allows optimum power usage for various weld areas.
  • VARIABLE PRESSURE AT WELD : Different fabrics require different pressures. To take care of this pressure on the fabric can be varied from 0 to full as a program parameter.
  • WELDING DIE POSITION CONTROL : The position of the welding die can be controlled by means of membrane switches on handles provided on either side of the front panel.
  • PRESS PROTECTION : Available for operator safety.
  • WELDING HEAD TRAVEL in 10 speed steps by means of membrane switches on handles provided on either side of the front panel.
  • LASER ALIGNMENT DEVICES : Available for easy fabric alignment.
  • MAINTENANCE ALARMS : Available at regular intervals to ensure no down time.
  • RF INTERFERENCE : WELDON HF welders conform to stringent European norms for Radio Frequency Interference.
  • ON-LINE MONITORING & TROUBLE-SHOOTING : Available through WIFI connection at work place. E-mail generation indicating certain alarms and events can also be generated at customer's request.