WELDON HF machines are completely programmable and can store as many as 800 recipes for the following variations :
• Type of fabric being welded
• Size of weld being carried out
• No. of layers of fabric being welded

Each of these recipes allow for the user to set all weld parameters such as heat time, cool time, pressure on weld, power level, etc.

WELDON HF machines are provided with facility to record data pertaining to EVERY weld on a pen drive connected to them. WELDON HF is a pioneer in the introduction of DATAWELD, a software to analyse this recorded weld data.

WELDON HF machines are now internet connectible. They can connect to the internet through a WIFI or cable connection at the customer's factory. This allows for remote monitoring and trouble-shooting to solve complicated technical issues remotely without necessitating a visit by our technician. This also enables automatic e-mail generation from a dedicated server installed at our factory to indicate certain alarm conditions.